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Fight for $15 in Iowa City and across the country

April 15, 2015

SEIU Local 199 members joined together with activists from the Iowa City Federation of Labor and the Center for Worker Justice in our local rally to raise the wage. And SEIU President Mary Kay Henry reports back on our amazing national day of action.

SEIU family,

I’m wrapping up the day at a fantastic rally on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley. Here’s a photo:

Tens of thousands of people finished this amazing day at rallies like this. The crowds were gigantic across the country.

Here’s one look at New York:

Chicago also produced incredible turnout:

1199/UHE home care workers and healthcare workers showed up big. Home care workers turned out in big numbers across the country:

Students came out:

Child care workers joined in:

Adjunct faculty were on the march:

Airport workers made their voices heard:

Check for more stories of how large the rallies and strikes got.

Here are a few other highlights that stood out to me:

Elected officials from across the country spoke out to support the fight to raise wages:

In Oakland, former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich spoke with McDonald’s workers, calling the Fight for $15 a “fight for the soul of America” and “America’s next civil rights movement.”

I believe that this day was among the proudest days in the history of SEIU. I’ll be in touch soon with more details about what we accomplished together.

I know we’re all tired after a long and inspiring day. Thanks for your leadership and your hard work.

In Unity,
Mary Kay