SEIU Local 199’s healthcare members stand up for each other and for our patients. Our workplaces range from one of the largest teaching hospitals in the United States to long-term care facilities in rural Iowa. We understand that when we have a good and safe place to work, and a cooperative relationship with our employers, our patients are the ones who benefit.

The lives of our patients, our nursing home residents, our home care consumers, our families and the future of our professions demand that we respond to the challenges we face by building our own local and national organization. That is the goal and mission of SEIU Local 199.

We win by speaking with one strong voice, whether it’s negotiating contracts that focus on good jobs and quality patient care, coordinating our bargaining with common employers, uniting more healthcare workers to give all of us more strength, supporting political and legislative campaigns, seeking new accountability to improve care, or opposing bad policies that undermine our jobs and the care we deliver.


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