North Scott Community Schools

The North Scott Community School District support staff is organized into two chapters with SEIU Local 199. The bus drivers and the mixed unit, comprised of teachers aides, custodial, secretarial, and food service workers, have been improving wages and working conditions. The members at North Scott Community School District have been active with SEIU since the days before we had a statewide local. They have provided the local with leaders, political activists, and solidarity with other chapters for 10 years.


Robert Pfiffner, President Bus Drivers
Lois Keppy, President, Steward Mixed Chapter
Patricia Johnson, Steward Mixed Chapter
Jerald Kruse, Steward Mixed Chapter
Patricia Perry, Steward Mixed Chapter
Bonnie Summers, Steward Mixed Chapter

North Scott Bus Drivers 2017-2018 Contract

North Scott Mixed 2017-2018 Contract

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