HACAP Head Start Teachers, Teacher Assistants, Teacher Associates, and Housekeepers are all represented by SEIU Local 199. HACAP administers the Head Start program in Linn, Johnson, Benton, Jones, Iowa and Washington counties. Head Start workers formed a union in 1998 when they simply got tired of not being included in any management decisions that affected their daily lives. They believe they must continue to make improvements considering that many workers still qualify for many of the services that Head Start provides to the community. SEIU members realize that our kids are our future.


Colleen Mehaffey, Chapter President, Steward
Sara Haugse, Chapter Vice-President, Steward
Erin Heller, Chapter Secretary, Steward
Janice Brandt, Chief Steward, Steward
Kayla McKee, Johnson County Steward

2014-2015 HACAP Contract

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