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Nurses, Hospital and Public School Workers Unite Behind Fred Hubbell for Governor


October 9, 2018

Contact: Meghan.Finegan@seiu.org; c: 617-283-8597

Working Iowans need a leader who will fight for higher wages to strengthen the middle class, stop private companies from profiting from Medicaid

Iowa City, Iowa – Working Iowans from the state’s hospitals and schools who provide care and essential services to their communities recently voted to endorse Fred Hubbell for Governor.

“Iowans want to see our hard work rewarded and to be able to care for our own families. We want affordable healthcare we can count on, and we deserve leaders who will put working people first. With Fred Hubbell’s leadership, we will fight to get incomes rising for all Iowans, stop corporations from profiting from Medicaid, and ensure every working person has the right to come together in a strong union and have a real voice on the job again,” said SEIU Local 199 President Cathy Glasson, RN.

The members of Local 199 Iowa are reaching out to their friends, neighbors and larger communities in preparation for election day on November 6, ensuring that Iowans are registered to vote, know their polling place and have a ride to the polls.

“People may be fed up with what’s going on in Washington, but we need everyone to turn out and vote this election. By electing candidates who will take a stand against special interests and respect the work we do every day in our hospitals and schools,  we can turn Iowa around,” said Carrie Means, a licensed social worker at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Just as SEIU members are gearing up for election day, many educational workers are voting to recertify and keep their union in the workplace — a tactic built into the anti-worker law driven by Republican legislators and passed by then Governor Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds early in 2017. The current law denies working people the right to negotiate over workplace issues like healthcare benefits, paid sick days and working conditions. As Tim Martens, Head Custodian at Dubuque Community School District said, “We need to make sure everyone has a strong voice on the job and we know Fred Hubbell will stand with us.”


SEIU Local 199 represents healthcare and educational workers throughout Iowa who are dedicated to improving the lives of working people and their families and creating a more just and humane society.


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Learn How the Iowa Caucus Works! Next Class 01/05 – 02/03/2016


 Caucus ClassIt happens every four years. Iowa voters meet in churches, schools, even living rooms, to be part of the first-in-the-nation stop for US presidential hopefuls. The Iowa Caucuses have helped launch and end the aspirations of many candidates. This initial test in the presidential selection process will be the focus of a new massive open online course (MOOC) at Iowa State University, the Iowa Presidential Caucuses.

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Fight for $15 in Iowa City & Across the Country

Fight for $15 @IC Fed 2015-04-15

Joint event with Center for Worker Justice, Iowa City Federation and SEIU Iowa.


See other events across the nation –

SEIU family,

I’m wrapping up the day at a fantastic rally on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley. Here’s a photo.

Fight for $15 University of California at Berkeley 2015-04-15

Tens of thousands of people finished this amazing day at rallies like this. The crowds were gigantic across the country.

Here’s one look at New York.

Fight for $15 New York 2015-04-15

Chicago also produced incredible turnout.

Fight for $15 Chicago 2015-04-15

1199/UHE home care workers and healthcare workers showed up big. Home care workers turned out in big numbers across the country.

Fight for $15 2015-04-15 Health Care Workers

Students came out.

Fight for $15 Students 2015-04-15

Child care workers joined in.

Fight for $15 Childcare Workers 2015-04-15

Adjunct faculty were on the march.

Fight for $15 Adjunct Faculty 2015-04-15

Airport workers made their voices heard.

Fight for $15 Airport Workers 2015-04-15

Check FightFor15.org for more photos of how large the rallies and strikes got.

Here are a few other highlights that stood out to me.

Charlene Carruthers, national director of Black Youth 100, shared in a video: “It’s a fight for the dignity of workers. It’s a fight for workers to be able to collectively bargain. It’s a fight for workers to actually be in safe environments where their issues and their grievances can be heard.”

In New York, a die-in led by workers and #BlackLivesMatter activists closed down a McDonald’s at 71st and Broadway.

Elected officials from across the country spoke out to support the fight to raise wages:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: “Raising the minimum wage is about economics, but it’s also about our values. Nobody who works full time should live in poverty. #FightFor15”
Mayor Bill de Blasio: “Our City will continue to #FightFor15 because the minimum wage must keep up with the cost of living.”
Sen. Al Franken: “I believe that if you work hard, and take responsibility, you should be able to put a roof over your head and provide a decent life for your children.”
Sen. Tammy Baldwin: “This #TaxDay & #Fightfor15 day, let’s join together to fight for paid sick days, tax cuts & better benefits for middle class workers.”
Sen. Chris Murphy: “All people who work for a living deserve to make enough to afford basic needs.”
Rep. Mark Takano: “Historic strikes TODAY. I’m for $15 and union rights. With me? RT and see the latest action.”

In Oakland, former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich spoke with McDonald’s workers, calling the Fight for $15 a “fight for the soul of America” and “America’s next civil rights movement.”

I believe that this day was among the proudest days in the history of SEIU. I’ll be in touch soon with more details about what we accomplished together.

I know we’re all tired after a long and inspiring day. Thanks for your leadership and your hard work.

In unity,
Mary Kay

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Celebrating the Senate Victory for Immigration Reform

Celebrating the Senate Victory for Immigration Reform


Immigration Photo 2014-03

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Fast For Families Highlights Video Week 3 FINAL

Fast For Families Highlights Video Week 3 FINAL


Fast for Families ended its first fast on the National Mall Dec. 12, 2013, with a commissioning to the country to continue to Act. Fast. & Pray until immigration reform is achieved.

Building on momentum created last year, Fast for Families is entering the next phase of its campaign to enact commonsense immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. Fast for Families Across America will visit more than 100 congressional districts in the coming months to engage constituents in a dialogue about the moral crisis caused by our broken immigration system and encourage them to fast, act and pray.

The Fast for Families Across America Tour will kick off Jan. 27 and end April 9 (around Cesar Chavez Day) in Washington, D.C., while Congress is still in session and members are preparing to return to their districts for a two-week recess.

Stay tuned for more information.

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Fast for Families: Immigration Reform & Citizenship


Fast for Families: November 2013

11/22/2013 – Surprise Visit by Vice President Biden Electrifies Atmosphere at “Fast for Families”

11/26/2013 – For the last 14 days, Eliseo Medina and several activists from the faith, social justice movement and labor community have joined hands to fast to push Speaker Boehner to call a vote on Commonsense Immigration Reform. I will be standing in solidarity with Eliseo and Fast for Families activists tomorrow at 11AM EST for a press conference.

I invite you to join us wherever you are by watching the press conference on the live stream by going to: http://fast4families.org/media/live-stream/.

11/27/2013 – Eliseo receives letter of support from former President Bill Clinton


Fast for Families - President-obama - small pic

Join the Days of Fasting

From December 1st-3rd, thousands of people will join the days of fasting for a day to be a part of the Fast for Families

12/3/2013 – Today, the fasters will be holding a press conference at 11:30 am ET.  The event will be live streamed here: http://fast4families.org/media/live-stream/

12/5/13 – So. Fla. US Rep. Garcia joins 24 immigration fast

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SEIU Nurses man First Aid Tent at ANNUAL Harkin Steak Fry 9-15-13


9-15-13 RNs staffing First Aid tent

SEIU Local 199 Nurses man the First Aid Tent at the Annual Harkin Steak Fry on 09-15-2013

Left to Right: Cathy Glasson (Local 199 Union President), Mary Burke, Ann Byrne, Scott Vick, and Pauline Taylor.

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Tell Gov. Branstad to stop the Medicaid Madness

We need you to tell Gov. Branstad to stop the Medicaid Madness. Med Mad

The State Senate just passed Medicaid expansion on Monday, which would provide health security for an additional 150,000 Iowans, save our state money, and create thousands of new jobs.

Unfortunately, Gov. Branstad is opposed to expansion, and is determined to put politics ahead of our health care.

We are proud to be part of the Healthiest Iowa Initiative: a coalition of more than two dozen organizations, all educating their members and encouraging all Iowans to contact Gov. Branstad.

Here’s how you can help:

1) Sign the petition at healthiestiowa.com. Your signatures, along with those of thousands of Iowans, will reach the Governor and make a difference.

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform Tops President’s Second Term Agenda

Old Problem, New Day…Save the VRA!

                In 2012, we saw efforts to disenfranchise voters in Alabama, Texas, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia and elsewhere – but voters were protected by Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. That’s why the Shelby County v. Holder case being heard by the Supreme Court on February 27 is so important – to make sure that no one is disenfranchised or stripped of their right to vote.
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IMMIGRATION – Let’s Fix What’s Broken


Let’s Fix What’s Broken

Tens of thousands of SEIU members are calling on Congress to pass commonsense immigration reform now.

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