Nurse & Former Gubernatorial Candidate Cathy Glasson Available for Post-Midterm Commentary on the Plight of Working Iowans

Glasson has been actively supporting pro-worker candidates and can speak to the effect the election results will have on working families

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018

Contact: Dave Bates 347-865-8038,

Iowa City, Iowa- Nurse and former gubernatorial candidate Cathy Glasson is available for commentary on how the midterm congressional, state legislature and state executive election results will affect working families throughout the state. Glasson came in second in the Democratic primary and garnered widespread, passionate support for her platform, which focused on raising the voices and standard of living of working Iowans. She was born in Spencer, attained her nursing degree at the University of Iowa, had a 20-year career as an intensive care registered nurse, and is currently the president of the healthcare and public service union SEIU Local 199.

Working people are facing a crisis in Iowa and throughout the country as wages have stagnated and the cost of living has soared. A recent United Way report found that 457,223 of all Iowa households, which is 37%, cannot afford basic necessities. The cost of living for gas, utilities, groceries, healthcare and housing have soared while 66% of all jobs in Iowa still pay less than $20 an hour. The majority of jobs being created are part-time, temporary, low-wage positions with little job security and few or no benefits. The report can be read at

While the Iowan middle-class has been decimated, politicians have divided working people by attacking and villainizing unions; distracting from the growing concentration of massive wealth in the hands of a tiny few; and scapegoating people of color, the poor and immigrants.

Cathy has been engaging in conversations with union members and other working people, community organizations and faith leaders throughout the state about the urgent need to build a powerful grassroots movement to make elected officials of both parties listen to the concerns of working people. Among the issues discussed have been the need for: affordable healthcare for all Iowans; raising wages, including a $15 minimum wage; restoring a strong union voice and rights for all working people; fighting for fair benefits and workplace respect and safety; making childcare and higher education more affordable; protecting clean drinking water; and expanding family medical leave, sick days, Medicare and Social Security.  

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SEIU Local 199 represents nurses, healthcare workers and educational workers throughout Iowa and their mission is to stand up for good jobs, affordable healthcare, quality public services and a better future for all working Iowans and Americans.

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