Member Vote March 25th and March 27th 6:00AM to 8:30PM

Membership VOTE on Proposed Dues Changes!

March 25th, Saturday 6:00AM – 8:30PM

March 27th, Monday 6:00AM – 8:30PM

Voting Place: 6 Hawkeye Drive, Suite 103, North Liberty, IA 52317 Map

(Only Active Dues Paying Members are able to vote)

Read below letter from our President, Cathy Glasson on March 21, 2017:

Dear SEIU Local 199 Members;


On February 17th, Governor Branstad signed into law sweeping anti-worker legislation with the ultimate goal of eliminating ALL public employee Unions in the state.


What Governor Branstad, some legislators and their out -of -state corporate friends could not do is silence our voices and stop us from standing up and fighting back! Which is exactly what we plan to do with your help and commitment.


SEIU Local 199 members are resilient and we believe that sticking together and raising our collective voice is where our REAL Power comes from.


So to be well prepared to face the changes and challenges ahead, we must make some important decisions to build an even stronger SEIU in Iowa. To do that, we need to make some adjustments to our dues structure and find new ways to sign up even more of our co-workers in our Union!

We will be holding Union- wide meetings to discuss a proposed new dues structure. At these meetings we will talk about who will be affected and how we plan to stand up and fight back!


Following the meetings, members will be asked to vote on the proposed new dues plan.


Information on where to vote and times of formal presentations is below. Please make every effort to come, learn more and vote on a new commitment to Rising Up and Standing Strong together!


Information sessions will be held ON THE HOUR and members can vote anytime between the hours of 6AM -8:30PM on the following days at the SEIU Local 199 Offices located at 6 Hawkeye Drive Suite 103 in North Liberty, IA. :


Saturday, March 25th 6:00AM -8:30PM


Monday, March 27th 6:00AM-8:30PM


Remember, only ACTIVE members who are current with dues will be allowed to vote! (This means Associate members and Retired Members will not be able to vote).


Please come and learn more about the changes to the law, find out its impact on you and then vote!


Due to the rapid implementation of the law, we have very little time to act. If you have questions or concerns about any of these issues, please feel free to contact any of the staff or myself at the office, we will be happy to talk with you.

Thank You.


In Unity and Strength,

Cathy Glasson, President
SEIU Local 199

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