UIHC Chapter President Letter – Vote Tuesday, 2-7-2017!

Dear SEIU Members,

Hi, This is Lynette Halstead, SEIU – UIHC Chapter President

As you know, your bargaining team has had to bargain for our new contract against a backdrop of historic political turmoil in Iowa and nationally.

There are people in the Iowa Legislature and at the Board of Regents who are openly hostile to public employees and their unions. Despite that uphill battle, the team has agreed to accept Board of Regents most recent contract proposal.

But now we need you to vote YES to ratify the agreement* to make sure that we have the strength to push back with everything we have.

We will be holding the ratification on 2/7/2017, Tuesday, from 6am – 9pm at the Heartland Inn at 87 2nd St, Coralville, IA 52241. (The Heartland Inn is behind Old Chicago on the Coralville Strip.)

We have a lot of important information that we will give you when you come to vote YES on this contract.

*Reminder: Only dues paying members are able to vote to ratify.

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