Fight for $15 in Iowa City & Across the Country

Fight for $15 @IC Fed 2015-04-15

Joint event with Center for Worker Justice, Iowa City Federation and SEIU Iowa.


See other events across the nationĀ –

SEIU family,

I’m wrapping up the day at a fantastic rally on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley. Here’s a photo.

Fight for $15 University of California at Berkeley 2015-04-15

Tens of thousands of people finished this amazing day at rallies like this. The crowds were gigantic across the country.

Here’s one look at New York.

Fight for $15 New York 2015-04-15

Chicago also produced incredible turnout.

Fight for $15 Chicago 2015-04-15

1199/UHE home care workers and healthcare workers showed up big. Home care workers turned out in big numbers across the country.

Fight for $15 2015-04-15 Health Care Workers

Students came out.

Fight for $15 Students 2015-04-15

Child care workers joined in.

Fight for $15 Childcare Workers 2015-04-15

Adjunct faculty were on the march.

Fight for $15 Adjunct Faculty 2015-04-15

Airport workers made their voices heard.

Fight for $15 Airport Workers 2015-04-15

Check for more photos of how large the rallies and strikes got.

Here are a few other highlights that stood out to me.

Charlene Carruthers, national director of Black Youth 100, shared in a video: “It’s a fight for the dignity of workers. It’s a fight for workers to be able to collectively bargain. It’s a fight for workers to actually be in safe environments where their issues and their grievances can be heard.”

In New York, a die-in led by workers and #BlackLivesMatter activists closed down a McDonald’s at 71st and Broadway.

Elected officials from across the country spoke out to support the fight to raise wages:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: “Raising the minimum wage is about economics, but it’s also about our values. Nobody who works full time should live in poverty. #FightFor15”
Mayor Bill de Blasio: “Our City will continue to #FightFor15 because the minimum wage must keep up with the cost of living.”
Sen. Al Franken: “I believe that if you work hard, and take responsibility, you should be able to put a roof over your head and provide a decent life for your children.”
Sen. Tammy Baldwin: “This #TaxDay & #Fightfor15 day, let’s join together to fight for paid sick days, tax cuts & better benefits for middle class workers.”
Sen. Chris Murphy: “All people who work for a living deserve to make enough to afford basic needs.”
Rep. Mark Takano: “Historic strikes TODAY. I’m for $15 and union rights. With me? RT and see the latest action.”

In Oakland, former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich spoke with McDonald’s workers, calling the Fight for $15 a “fight for the soul of America” and “America’s next civil rights movement.”

I believe that this day was among the proudest days in the history of SEIU. I’ll be in touch soon with more details about what we accomplished together.

I know we’re all tired after a long and inspiring day. Thanks for your leadership and your hard work.

In unity,
Mary Kay

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