On April 15, people from all walks of life will stand up to fight for $15

Fight for $15 2015-04-15

3:12 PM Eastern – Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Will you join tens of thousands of workers in the streets on April 15?

Join child care workers in the streets to Fight for $15 on April 15th!On April 15, child care teachers, parents, and thousands of struggling workers will be standing up and joining the Fight for $15 for higher pay and affordable child care. I’m a child care teacher and I’ll be there. Will you?

I teach 14 children in an after-school program in Tampa. I teach them their times tables, play with them, and nurture them in every way so they can become productive members of our society. I became a child care provider because I love seeing the results of my efforts right in front of me in those kids’ eyes, in their laughter, and in their smile. But for my hard work, I am paid less than $700 a month.

When I have $5 left, I have to decide whether to eat or get to work. I shouldn’t have to make that decision. Nowadays people have just enough to get to work and nothing else.

There’s no way in this country that you should have a job and not eat. There’s no way you should have a job and no place to sleep.

Something has to change. That’s why we’re coming together and speaking up for a better future.

Child care teachers from across the country are joining together with adjunct professors, fast-food, airport, Walmart and home care workers to do whatever it takes to win $15 per hour and a union. Parents are joining us too, because they are struggling just like we are.

Will you join me on 4/15? RSVP for the rally nearest you. And if you know someone who is struggling – a parent or another child care provider – bring them with you.

I’ll see you at the rally!


12:08 PM Eastern – Friday, March 20, 2015

Nearly two-thirds of Americans are paid less now than in 2002. Let’s DO SOMETHING about it on April 15.

If you listen to some experts, the economy is doing just fine. That may be true for many corporations that are enjoying record profits. But for too many ordinary families, falling wages are a huge problem.
On April 15, people from all walks of life will stand up to fight for jobs and wages that boost our economy and strengthen communities. Join us.

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