SEIU President Henry: “Obama’s Community College Proposal is a Step in the Right Direction Toward Expanding Access to Affordable Education”

Published 3:55 PM Eastern – Friday, January 9, 2015Jonathan Huskey, 571.379.0534 |,

Washington, D.C.– President Obama has announced a proposal to make two years of community college free for responsible students. Below is SEIU President Mark Kay Henry’s statement about the president’s proposal:

“Access to affordable education for America’s students is essential to building a vibrant future for our economy, workforce, and communities. Today, too many hard-working students face skyrocketing tuition bills from poor quality for-profit institutions. President Obama’s community college proposal is an important step in the right direction toward expanding access to affordable education for more students.

“Community colleges are by far the most affordable and accessible higher education institutions. They allow students to combine high-quality education programs with the ability to remain in their communities. This investment in community colleges will both improve student opportunities and increase stability for a largely contingent faculty workforce.

(To read full article follow the link: “Obama’s Community College Proposal is a Step in the Right Direction”


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